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    At Pitstop; we service and repair most makes of car and have developed a reputation for our body repairs, diagnostic testing and low cost servicing

    We have the dedicated equipment to service most models

  • Brake Servicing

    From high performance road vehicles to family cars and small commercial vehicles we service most brake systems

    We also replace brake discs and pads plus bleeding and refreshing the hydraulic braking system and adjusting hand brakes

  • Clutch Servicing

    We replace most clutch systems and parts. A slipping clutch or juddering may be a sign that the high friction pads have worn and need replacing

    We can replace the clutch pads for you

  • Diagnostic Testing

    Check Engine Lights usually relate to one or more electrical faults that need to be accurately diagnosed

    We use the latest diagnostic routines to accurately diagnose, repair and reset electrical faults

Bentley in Our Low Bake Enclosure

Bentley Paint REpair


Low Bake Enclosure

Low Bake Curing Booth

Our Low Bake enclosure showing the infra red panels designed to gently dry and cure the paint/lacquer finish.

Front End Damage - Alignment Jig

Vauxhall Corsa Front End Ready For Rebuild after Crash

Low Mileage Vauxhall Corsa being prepared for front-end alignment and rebuild.

Car Panels With Light Scuffing are Repaired and RePainted/Lacquered

Vauxhall Corsa - Scuffed Rear Bumper

Vauxhall Corsa Rear Bumper with Light Scuffing.

Vauxhall Corsa - Metallic Paint Respray
Vauxhall Corsa - Metallic Respray

Minor paint damage can be easily repaired.

Paint-Crash Damage Specialists

Pitstop Motor Engineering provide estimates for damage repair as part of an Insurance Claim or private repair work.
Our Mechanical and Body repairs include:-

  • Replace vehicle Body Panels
  • Repair dents to body panels and minor bumper damage
  • Repair minor scuffs, scratches and paint or lacquer damage.
  • Respray and oven bake vehicle body panels for an as-new factory finish
  • Refinish and repair damage to alloy wheels

Call us now on 0191 267 2888. We have the expertise and technology to make your vehicle as good as new.

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